Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Don't Be Late For the Wedding Party!

In Mathew 22, we have a parable of a king that made a marraige for his son. He sent servants to everyone he thought worthy to invite. They disreguarded the invite and mistreated the servants, some of which they slew. This made the king angry and he sent his armies and burnt up their villiages. He then commanded other servants to go out and invite anyone to the wedding party. So the wedding party was full of guests. The King looked out among the crowd and saw a person who did not have a wedding garment on. He commanded the servants to bind that person and cast him out of the wedding party.

I looked at this and realized that the king was God. Who had sent servants to preach the word of the comming messiah, But the people that heard killed and disreguarded them. God therefore allowed Armies to take thier villages and into Captivity. After the time of their Captivity was fulfilled He sent other servants but this time he invited anyone to the wedding party. I had to stop there. The preaching of the Gospel is the invite to the wedding party. You see in American traditions the wedding Party happens after the wedding, but in Biblical times the wedding party preceeded the wedding itself. Then the message rang clear. People are missing the wedding party! Because saints are not inviting people to be saved. People are missing the wedding party, beacuse they are not dressed in the wedding garment.

Some will show up at the wedding party without their wedding garment on. These are folks that think that because they attended church, or was a good moral person that they will partake of the wedding party. Some will come with their own moral beliefs about God that God did not declare of himself through his servants. These people don't have their wedding garment on.

What is the wedding garment: It is listed in Ephesians Chapter 6. We Call it the armor of God. What the sad thing is that some believers have taken their helmet off, they believe God can save, but not them. Some have taken off the loins of truth, the are not honest but believe that god can save them, Some have put down the shield of faith, they just do not believe that God can do nothing for them, except being saved. The list goes on.

Are you one of these types of believers? Don't miss the wedding party because you don't have your wedding garment on.
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