Monday, June 18, 2012

The Curse of Canaan

It has been taught that the reason that black people are cursed because of their ancestral father Canaan. However, upon further review and study, I had found that assumption is not true. However just to state a thing as not true does not make it not true. Edvidence in the bible points to misinterpretation of the issue.

Why do people believe that black people are cursed in the first place? People look around and see the plight of black people in america and determine that no matter how you try to uplift a race of people they will remain where they are socialeconmically. When people ask certain religious leaders about why this is they point to the story of the curse Noah placed upon Cannaan. They cite that canaan is the father of all cursed people and black people decended from Canaan. What is worse is that they cite the bible for validation of this belief. When the bible does not state the decendancy of the black race came from Canaan. In fact the Bible states that Ham is the father of all Africans. Yes Canaan was one of the sons of Ham, but Canaan did not settle in Africa. Canaan removed himself from his fathers house and dominion and started a separate lineage in what was called Canaan land. This is the same land that God promised to Israel and called it the Promise Land. Israel conquested the Land and subjugated its inhabitants.

Now Ham had other sons: Egypt, Cush, ect. All remained on the contenent we know as Africa. None of Ham's other sons were cursed by Noah, only Canaan. Now someone must of thought that since Canaan was cursed all of Ham's sons were cursed. Impossible, the other sons were born after the cursed was placed on Canaan. If Noah wanted to curse Ham he would have done so directly. Noah did not curse Ham. Even Ham took away Canaan's birthright for the offense he pepurtrated upon his grandfather. How do I know this? Well when genealogies are wrote in the Bible the oldest son always takes the first position in the listing. When one examines the lineage of Ham, they find that Canaan, Hams oldest son is not given the first position in the linage. Canaan is placed in the last place. This rendering of the lineage of Ham is signifcant, If we examine the other lineages associated with the text we find that the oldest son is named first and the other children may not be mentioned at all. It is in a few cases that the other sons are mentioned,and that they are mentioned in the order of their birth. We find that it is the first son, the oldest son holds the first listing positiion in the fathers lineages. We findng that Canaan was listed last only signifies the Ham was not pleased with Canaan's action against his grandfather. He took from him the valuable and cherished birthright and gave it to the next born son.

What did Canaan do? This is up to speculation. Many have come up with many things but can not support it because the Bible does not give us the details that would support their conjecture on what did Canaan do?. Let us think what did actually happen, base on what the bible does tell us. In our examination we need to include the events that happen prior to the cursing of Canaan and the events after. Event number 1: Noah has triplets Shem, Ham and Japeth. Event number two: God calls Noah to build an ark and commands him to warn about the impending flood. Event number 3: God calls all the animals of the earth and eight souls that makes up Noahs family to the ark. Event Number 4: The earth is flooded, during this time Ham has a son and names him Canaan Event Number 5: After many days the flood waters subsided and the Ark rests on a mountain side. All leave the ark. Event number 6: Noah performs the first sacrificail offerring after the flood and God makes convenant with mankind through Noah. Event number 7: Noah plants a new vineyard and drinks of the fruits of his labor. He gets drunk. Event number 8: Canaan finds Noah in his drunken state and transports him to his tent. Canaan strips his grandfather of everything he has, his clothes, his tools his seeds and leaves him naked in the tent. Event number 9: Ham comes looking for Canaan and thinks he is in the tent with his grandfather and he goes to inspect only to find his father naked on the floor of the tent. Event number 10: Ham ashamed of looking upon his fathers naked body tells his other two brothers and they took a blanket into the tent walking backwards and covered the nakeness of the thier fathers body. Event number 11: When Noah came to himself, he looked around and knew that his youngest Son, Canaan had done to him and specifically Cursed Canaan. Event number 12: Ham was notified that Canaan had done this deed to his grandfather He took away his birthright. Event number 13: Canaan took one of his sisters or sisters in Law for a wife and migrated to what was to become the Land of Canaan. This is the only logical and biblical explaination of what happed and what Canaan do?

The curse of Canaan is not exclusive to the black race but any child of any age or race that dishonors. their father. Many children are living in the curse of Canaan, because they have dishonored the father of their youth. They have taken, stolen and moved away from their father and are under the dellusion that they will be blessed in their endeavours. The bible says and comands that all children must honor their father and mother that long life would be awarded to them. How can you honor God the father, who is invisible and you don't see and not honor the father who you do see.

I wrote this with no scripture refferences because I desire that you search out the story line mentioned in this blog for yourself and do not take my word for it. However, for those who are lost to where to look I encourage you to read Genesis chapters 4-10, Mathew 24, and the letters of Peter. You will find references to the blog you just read.

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