Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Call of Discipleship

There is a time where a person who is a believer in Christ endeavors to improve his walk with the Lord. That yearning to be a better Christian than he once was is God bred. Some believers mistake that yearning as a call to the ministry. What that yearning is the call to discipleship. There is a difference between being a believer and being a disciple. A believer is someone who has come into the knowledge of the saving power of Christ. He is a witness of the transformation from within to those who may have not yet accepted the Lord as their personal savior. On the other hand a disciple is a believer that has taken the next step in his or her spiritual growth. That person has determined to commit his or her way of living to a lifestyle that Christ taught in the Gospel and what His apostles taught in their actions and letters to church. Too many believers are running with visions of granduer in the ministry and failing woefully. Causing more damage than what the enemies of the cross could hope for. Before any believer can venture out into a designated ministry of the church, that person must realize that he must become a student and ardent follower of Christ. He must become an disciple. Let us look at what are the requirements of being a disciple in Christ.

The prequisites of discipleship:
1) A person must have experienced the saving power of Christ and be saved.
2) A person must have a desire to deepen his life walk with the Lord Christ.
3) A person must surrender his bond with earthly attachements and sumbit himself to the obedience of the Law of Christ.

The price of discipleship:
1) A disciple must pick up his "cross" and follow Jesus. The cross symbolizing the burden of his life and salvation of his soul.
2) A disciple is committed to the work of the Lord. 
3) A disciple is willing to lose all to gain Christ. Jesus advises that if a individual chooses to become his disciple, that person needs to consider the price.

The young rich ruler that came to Jesus seeking how he may obtain eternal life. Jesus instructed him to keep the comandments to which the young rich ruler replied that he has kept the commandments from his youth. Jesus then responded if he was perfect sell what you had and follow Him. The young rich ruler went away sorrowful because he had obtained great possessions. The young rich ruler could not make the switch. He was tied down to too many riches. This was a concern to the disciples that followed Jesus in so much that Peter inquired that the have made the switch. They have left all and came to follow him. Jesus then lays out what is on the other side of the switch. Houses, land, family, etc. a hundered fold times over in this life and in the life to come. However he also said that this will come with a bit of persecution. So if a person is willing to pay the price, lose all to gain Christ he will gain all again.

So How does one become a Disciple? (do not skip the steps)
1) Get saved, born again, accept Jesus as your personal Lord and savior.
2) Commit yourself to the work of the Lord in a church or ministry in study and participation.
3) Each candidate for discipleship after being observed and showing the commitment to the teachings of Christ through the ministry or the church must be water baptised.

 Once a believer grows into discipleship, the door to ministry opens wide and according to your gifts room will be made for you. There is no short cuts,  each of the above steps must be observed.  There are many followers of Christ, but not many disciples for many are called but few are chosen. Yet if you have been in church for awhile and yearn to do more for God through Christ, become a disciple.
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