Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Christians and God's Holy Law

Thesis: Are Christian believers under, above or equal to the Holy Law of God? 

Text. 1 Timothy 1:8-11 I. If Christian are under the Holy Law of God 

Then the power of the Cross of Christ had no effect in the change of the spiritual status of a Christian. The christian is still lost in his sinfulness. If the christian is convinced that he is still lost in his sins, then Jesus's sacrifice on the cross was in vain. 

The whole purpose of Jesus dying on the cross was to destroy the power of sinfulness in the lives of Christians. So what serves the Law of God? It only serves as an instructor to those who without Christ seek to live according to its requirements, allowing it to point out the adherents sinfulness and exhibiting God's righteous will. 

So if Christians are under the authority of the Holy law of God, then each christian must earn his own salvation according the just requirements of the Law. The Bible states that no man can be justified by keeping the law. So Christians can not be under the Law, because their justification does not come from keeping the Law, but by faith in the resurrection of Christ.

II. If Christians are above the Law of God...

Then what is the usefulness of the Holy Law of God? Did God waste his time in creating a law that would not be observable or enforceable? How would God convince and convict each person of his own sinfulness outside the provision of his matchless salvation? Who could God persuade to live a holy life? If a man has no knowledge of the degree of depravity of his own sinfulness, how can a person become convinced and convicted of it? Where there is no law to correct a man of his transgressions against God, there lies no judgment against a man's sinful actions. 

If this be true, then it follows that the necessity of Christ's Sacrifice was in vain and without purpose. Jesus was born to save men from their sins, but if there is no transgressions because the Holy Law that would judge them is now of none effect because without any law you can not have a transgression. The power of the transgression is the Law. 

Since Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law of God, what governs us now who believe? The text clearly illustrates that believers in Christ are no longer under the Holy Law. Christ by his death on the Cross, by his own shed blood, blotted out all the ordinances (laws) that were against us.(Colossians 2:14) I ask again what constrains us, who believe in Christ from ever sinning again? I suggest two things God grace and God's power. God removed the Holy Law that was not observable nor enforceable by any one and put in its place the power of his Holy Spirit. (Romans 8:1-4) Being a wise and just God he has also given us Grace because it is going to take time for each of us to adjust to His Holy Spirit living inside of every one who believes in Christ Jesus. He knew that we would not come out of our sinful behavior easily, but as each of us surrenders to the power of His Holy Spirit that is alive in each one who believes in Christ, we become more and more sinless everyday. (2 Corinthians 4:7,16,5:11-17) We have this treasure, the power of God's Holy Spirit, hidden in earthen vessels ( our bodies, our flesh) that no matter what we go through in this life, we believers in Christ have the power to endure, out last and overcome if we hold on to the hope of the promise of God in Christ Jesus that is laid out in his divine plan and will before us. 

So to conclude we are neither above or under the Law of God who believe in Christ Jesus for we are now are new creatures in Christ governed not by an unenforceable Law but by the power of the Spirit of God. To quote the Apostle Paul " If ye then be led (governed) by the Spirit of God, ye are no longer under the Law" (Galatians 5:18)

III. Are Christians equal to the holy Law of God?

-If Christians are equal to the Law of God, a few things must be established.

One; the righteousness of obedient and submitted to the Spiirit of God Christians must be an extention of God's righteousness in Christ Jesus. Thusly the role of the Holy Law of God moves from the role of that being our instructor to that of an Advisor. What is the difference? An Instructor points out errors in a given action, then teaches how that action ought to be done correctly. Also an instructor when not obeyed by the student is punished according to the level of disobedience. An advisor warns you of the errant action before you commit it. If you make the mistake of not following its advise, the advisor will counsel you out of the mess you got yourself in. An advisor will give you direction but, it is up to you to follow the direction it advises that you take. So it is with Christians, who have the understanding that they are not married to the Holy Law of God any longer, but find the Holy Law beneficial in that it gives guidance it areas of question. So that every christian may continue to grow in the grace that was provided by God through Christ. 

Two; We have been made through Christ the righteousness of God. (Romans 5:19; 2 Corinthians 5:21) Since the Law is Holy, good and just (Romans7:12) and every Christian has been made the righteousness of God in Christ. The Holy Law has no power over the Righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. Since this be true, should we believers disgrace the righteousness of God so willingly provided by the Sovereign Lord of all Creation out of love for mankind? No. Rather we should strive to live as Holy as He is Holy, be as righteous as He is righteous, be just as He is just and most of all loving as He is loving. Did God give us his Holy Spirit so that we may remain in bondage to our sinfulness? No. He gave us His Holy Spirit so that we can now live in the righteousness of God,

Three; Now the question is, does this righteousness that God has provided in Christ continue with us if we practice sin? No. Anyone who names the name of Christ as his saviour and continues in sin, does not know who and what he is in God. What do you think will be the judgement of those who run the righteousness of a Holy God into the filth of sin? The bible says that if the righteous will be scarcely saved, where will the wicked and sinner appear? Be not decieved God is not mocked whatsoever a man sows that he will also reap. The wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. If a man who calls himself a believer in Christ and choses to continue in sin, he is blinded by the sin that posseses him. In that he cannot see the benefit and the pleasure in living in the will and righteousness of God. Let not that one person believe that he will be blessed by God, except to draw him out from his sinfulness and into a life of righteousness in God, lest his self deception will taint a whole community of potential believers who witnesses his hypocrisy and assign it to the futility of the power of God. My last point is that for those who walk after the flesh after experiencing the power of Spirit of God, they will remain under an instructor untill they learn who and what they are in Christ and what God has done for them. Even in their most carnal state, God will save them through Christ, for Christ saves to the uttermost.

Testimony: I know a man, a friend of mine, which I met in a homeless shelter. This man confessed Christ but was in bondage to drugs. I watched as his finacee prayed for their deliverance. One day he approach me in the shelter and asked me how could I remain holy when everything you worked for was taken from you. I told him that I learned that the definition of my life in Christ is not measured by God by the things I posses but by the faith I have in his deliverance power. That my present does not define my future. Soon after that God provided a way for me to leave the homeless shelter but in his full view. Soon after that I was restored to ministry and to a level of prosperity that I once enjoyed. He became a disciple of Christ and truly surendered to God. God lifted him out of homelessness shortly there after and delivered him and his now wife of their addiction problem. He is now growing in ministry enjoying a level of prosperity he never enjoyed before in God. Why? Because he found out who he was and what he was in Christ. That his present condition does not define his future. Most of all he found out that Grace does not allow you to stay in sin, for it is God giving you time to get it right.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Principles of Recovery 5a: Profiles of Recovery

The following is some biblical profiles of recovery, where certain biblical characters suffered social and economic loss, but through faith they recovered.

Joseph son of Israel

Due to the jealousy of his brothers, was thrown into a pit, then sold into slavery.  During his servitude in Egypt, he was falsely accused and thrown into jail.  He recovered from his social and economic loss because of his unwavering faith in God's plan for his life.  God gave him the ability to interpret dreams and he used that talent to free himself from jail.  He interpreted the dream of a butler of the Pharaoh of Egypt who was in the same jail cell with Him.  Whom he told that the Butler will be restored to his post.  He asked the butler to remember him, but the butler did not remember him until the Pharaoh of Egypt had a nightmare and the wise men of Egypt could not interpret it.  It was then the Butler told Pharaoh about Joseph and how he correctly interpreted his dream.  Out of desperation the Pharaoh of Egypt summoned for Joseph.  When Joseph heard what the Pharaoh dreamed, he interpreted that Egypt will enjoy 7 years of plenty followed by 7 years of lack and the years of lack will make the years of plenty look like nothing.  Pharaoh the asked Joseph what he should do.  Joseph advised Pharaoh to store up and ration out in the years of plenty and continue to ration out food in the years of lack.  Pharaoh was so impressed with his wisdom that he made Joseph second in command to himself over all Egypt.  To oversee the storing and the distribution of the all the food in Egypt.  Joseph went from being alienated from his family to the Secretary of State of all of Egypt.  Joseph used his talent and unwavering faith in God to accomplish this recovery.  It may not been what he thought it would be, but all things work for his good because he was called to save not only the nation of Egypt from famine, but also the family of Israel. (Genesis 37:5-39, chapters 39,40 and 41:1-45)

Job of the land of Uz

Due to no cause of his own, he suffered economic and social loss.  He lost property, his home and his family. On top of that he was afflicted with a severe skin disease. During his suffering, he sat on a dung heap while his so called neighbors and friends tried to figure out why Job suffered so.  They gave him no encouragement whatsoever.  Job justified himself before his friends and he did not give up on his faith.  Now the one thing he did do was to not justify God for allowing him to suffer when he did nothing wrong.  It was until God himself spoke to Job and corrected him, God was testing him and had the right to do so.  When Job received the revelation from God about his own misunderstanding about God and repented from it. God rewarded Job with twice the wealth he had before he suffered. (the book of Job)

David the son of Jesse

Before he became King of Israel, during one of his patrols along the Philistine and Amalakite border.  The Amalakites came and raided his camp,  took his men wives and his wives captive as well as their property.  When David and his men returned to camp and found it burnt to the ground and everything gone, his men started to speak against David.  David was deeply discouraged.  What did David do?  He did not give up on his faith in God, he encouraged himself and turned to the Lord for guidance and direction.  The Lord instructed him to pursue, overtake and recover all.  That is what David did, he and his men followed after the Amalakites, overtook them and recovered all that was taken from the camp. (1 Samuel 30:1-19)

The one thing theme that runs through all these profiles is the fact that not one of them gave up on their faith in God.  So having faith in God is critical to your recovery.

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Maximums and Proverbs of Rev. C. R. Sanchez

The following are wise words that I have learned or heard, they are bible and Christian based.  They are not scripture nor are they submitted as scripture.  Any of them can be used for a sermon.  As I learn new ones from the word, or any other Christian source. I will modify this blog post to reflect the addition. 

Proverbs & Maximuns of Rev. C. R. Sanchez

Where you are is never where you will be, and where you will be is determined by the choices you make where you are.

The cow that you feed the most will give you the most milk.

If you know how to ask for a thing, you know how you will receive a thing.

If you spend your time doing what you need to do, you will have time to do the things you want to do. Time for play is time earned.

The only place when pleasure comes before work is in the dictionary

Life is full of atrition, do good long enough, and as much of it as you can, you will overcome the bad things of life  and good things will come to you.

The quality of an individual's life is determined by the quality of the choices that individual makes

The end of one episode of reality for an individual is the beginning of another episode of reality.

Nothing of this earth lasts forever, everything passes with time. Except for God and everything he has said.

No matter what your status is in life, you are given the same 24 hours as anyone else. How are you investing your time?

The commitment to change is the result of discovering the revelation of the worthlessness of continuing in the present reality and the engagement in the profitability of an opportunity in a new reality.

Words are thoughts, words are seeds, words make mental pictures. So be careful of what words you say and what seeds are planted in the minds of the hearers.

A fruit does not look like the seed from whence it comes. It never does. So be careful what seeds you plant in others.

The edvidence of God is His word, the proof of the existence of God is contained in His creations, the intelligence of God is contained in His wisdom and His design of all living things.

Whatsoever you hear and believe, you accept and receive, will be the seed that will yeild the fruit in your life. So pay attention.

See a person happy in his work, it is the gift of God for him.

Success is defined when opportunity meets wisdom and produces the desired result.

If Leadership is influence, the greater the influence , the greater the capacity and responsiblity to lead.

Always make your goals a little higher that your ability to reach them, for when you attain your goals you would have grown in knowledge and wisdom.

Confidence in doing a task comes from the knowledge and familiarity of completing the task.

Tell a story and teach a lesson, repeat the lesson and make it a practice, be successful at the practice and graduate to the next level.

Communictation, the quality of it, is the basis of a quality relationship in all areas and arenas of life.

Wast time and life will reward you harshly

Change is the challenge of revinvention, redirection and renewal

Perception is what people really think you are, but it should never define who you really are.

Leadership should welcome constructive feedback from the team players, as long as it works to acheive the results desired of the team.

Success evokes inspiration in some, hopefulness in others as well as envy and jealousy in others.

Time is a tool if you use it as such, Time is a task if it uses you. How are you using your time?

Leadership is the influence that challenges an individual or a group of individuals to change direction on a given course in the face of a crisis.

Teach and be taught, listen and learn, each one teach one, and  wisdom we will all earn.

Like a rock that is dropped in a still pond, so is a life that has realized its influence on the world.

Get in the game, be a player and not a spectator. It is the players that win games. Spectators just want to see what happens next.

To find the right opportunity , you must seek it without prejudice, for it may be where you least expect it to be.

Keep in mind, to much is given, much will be required. Every priviledge, every comfort you desire comes with the price of responsibility.

90% of preparation =100% of presentation. How well have you prepared yourself for the challenges of life?

A wise man knows how to dispense knowledge, A fool just tells everything irreguardless of the damage it will cause.

1 degree of variation in the course of your life will land you in a place you never expected to be.

In order to defend yourself from the unthinkable, the unrestricted, the unknowable and hopelessness. Think rather of the impossible, explore the limits of the possible and educate yourself by which you will supply hope to yourself and others.

Knowledge is power, Truth is liberating, Love is sacrificing, Faith is visionary, Wisdom is building, these are the ingedients of an effective life upon the world.

Trust is the foundation of the qualtiy of communication in every relationship, lose trust and the quality of communication falters and any relationship begins to fail.

Having an attitude is cautaigious, is yours worth catching?

Learn all you can and keep in store all that you have learned, you never know what would be more useful in your future.

Educate your mind, expand your horizions, the more you know the more you can overcome.

Every one is selling something, what are you buying?

To maintain a healty relationship, you must maintain a high quality level of communication. To maintain a high level of communication, you must continue to build trust. To continue to build trust you must be honest with your principal partner. Once the honesty in your principle partner in a relationship is in doubt, trust is lost and can not continue to build and the communication falters and the relationship begins to fail.

If you decree a thing and believe it will come to pass, believe it will come, but you must call for it.  When you call a specific child, do you say hey boy come here? No you call for the child by his name and he comes.  So also the things you believe and deree you must also call for it by its name and it will come.

The worst kind of deception is self deception, that is believing something to be true when it is not.  So it is vitally immportant to make sure of your facts and eliminate all fiction when the burden of truth determines all that you do.

Truth plays no favorites, it can qualify a person for favor and it can condemn a person to punishment.

Honesty and truth are two different things. For a person  may be Honestly deceptive,  or a person can be  truthfully dishonest.  How? Through the ignorance of the facts of his story, a person may honestly report something to be true when it is not.

When honesty and truth is presented together, thier influence can sway the balance of a person's judgment if he beilieves it.  If a person  choses to not believe the presentation of truth  done  in all honesty.  That person will suffer the consequences of his decision.

Nothing worthwhile comes without some struggle to obtain it

When a person makes up his mind, he defines the direction to his destiny

If you call for it, it will come whether it be good or bad

The environment does not make the individual, the choices an individual makes can change himself or his environment

If confidence in oneself is like a blank check, then where have you been cashing your checks and for what purpose?

A person reaches maturity  when he chooses to be accountable and responsible for his words and actions.