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Brean Bible Fellowship of NJ

The Berean Bible Fellowship of New Jersey, is a group of various believers, clergy and Teachers of the word that network through apologetics, bible study and evangelism.

For those who wish to know what this ministry believes here is the  Ministry's  doctrinal Statement

Berean Bible Fellowship of NJ
Doctrinal Statement

We believe in God, Creator of all natural things visible and invisible, Creator of all Mankind Righteous and Wicked, Creator of all Spirits Good and Evil, Creator of Heaven and Earth, Creator of all things upon the earth and Righteous Judge of all Mankind. He is the All knowing, All powerful, Ever present God, who always was and always is and He is the one and only true God.

We believe that God is revealed through Jesus, the Christ, as the Heavenly Father, as the only begotten Son of God, and as the Holy Spirit as revealed in the scriptures, the Holy Bible. That therefore God is triune: The Heavenly Father is God, the Son Jesus Christ is God and the Holy Spirit is God. (JHN 4:24, 10:30, 14:9; PH 2:6; HEB 1:2+3)

We believe in the Holy Bible as the authentic, authoritative, word of the Living God as revealed through Jesus the Christ. Who the Bible Prophesied and testified as the Son of God. I therefore believe that the Bible is the infallible, inerrant word of God. (JHN 1:1; HEB 4:12+13)

We believe in Jesus is the Christ the only Begotten Son of God, Savior of All mankind, Redeemer of All of Mankind. Cornerstone of the Living Church of God, Elder brother of All who Believe in the one God, Sheppard of our lives, Prophet, Teacher and Judge of the Church of God.

We believe that we Adamites (Descendants of Adam) are tri-une beings, because we are created in the expressed image and likeness of God. (GEN 1:26+27; THESS 5:23) Also that All Descendants of Adam are sinners, by reason of the fall in the Garden of Eden, prior to receiving the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. (ROM 5:15-19) Furthermore, We believe that all sinners are eligible to receive the free gift of salvation that is only accessible through Jesus Christ. (JHN 3:16+17, 14:6; I COR 5:17) A salvation provided by God through the sacrifice of his only begotten Son Jesus upon the cross.

We believe therefore that the Church is the agency that God through the Believers in Jesus the Christ performs the Ministry of God which is the work of reconciling men back to God, and from sinfulness.

We believe that Satan is a created singletary entity; He is a dead spirit, a fallen Arc-angel. (EZE 28:14+15; IS 14:12-15)

We believe that each believer has stages of growth to achieve before entering into Ministry work. These stages of Growth are the following:

a) New Born Believer

b) New Church member

c) Disciple

d) Minister of the Gospel.

When a believer becomes a minister of the Gospel that believer can venture into any of the following arenas of Christian ministry:





e)Apostling (Missions)

However, many are called but few are chosen. (JHN 1:12, 8:31; LK 14:25-33; ROM 12:7+8; I COR 12:7-11; EPH 4:4,11)

We believe in the final judgment of all mankind where all unbelievers of Christ as the only begotten Son of God will be judged according to their sins and their works. Where the eternal punishment of the lake of fire is awarded to those work believed not the Gospel, did not believe in God and his warnings about the impending judgment on his life will be delivered up to.

We believe according to the Bible that all believers in God through  Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, are excused from the final judgment. That all believers will be subjected to the judgment of the righteous, where their works will be judged and rewards will be given accordingly to the deeds done in their bodies upon the earth.

We believe that every believer in God that has accepted Jesus as Lord of their lives must maintain a good witness in compliance with Jesus' commission to the disciples. This good witness contains the following activities: Church Fellowship, Bible Study, Prayer, Worship, Godly Service, and Good Works

We believe in the soon return of Jesus the Christ, the Son of God, the resurrection and revival of the Church dead and living at His return, the glorification of the human body and the taking of our rightful place in the heavenly domain with Christ in eternity.

We believe that the Holy Spirit of God, the creative, demonstrative part of the God head, lives in the heart of each believer of Jesus the Christ, the only Begotten Son of God thereby restoring them to guardians of the planet, a position that Adam and Eve lost in the Garden. The Holy Spirit of God is the power of the believer that does the work and will of God, sanctifying, purifying, filling and Baptizing (anointing) the believer for service in the Kingdom of God with power. (LK 24:49-52; ACTS 1:4+5, 2:1-21)

We believe that all Angels (fallen included) are spiritual entities that were the creation of God as all that exist in this physical realm. (JHN 1:2; GEN 1:1) Also that there is a present spiritual dimension that parallels the current natural dimension, that spiritual dimension that Angels and Demons (aka Fallen Angels) dominate and that mankind, now the guardians of the planet has influence over.

We believe that a believer of God through Jesus the Christ can dictate what angels and demons can do and can not do in this physical/natural dimension. We also believe that Demons were Angels who left their first estate (rights, responsibilities and privileges) in an attempt to overthrow the theorocracy (God) in Heaven under the leadership of Satan, with whom, they were cast out of Heaven into darkness where they remain bound, which is the spiritual realm they operate in. (JUDE 6) They are the agents of wickedness and unrighteousness, they are here to suppress mankind into unbelief and keep the knowledge of God out of the hearts of mankind. All Angels are to minister and serve the believers of Christ by right of legal inheritance. (HEB 1:14)

We believe that Water Baptism is a believers' public testimony of conversion and identification to the fact of Christ's burial and resurrection. (ROM 6:3-5) Also an act signifying that a person has decided to become a disciple of Christ according to the beliefs and practices of a particular fellowship (JHN 3:22-26; Mat 28:19;Acts 10) which can be bestowed immediately after the Holy Spirit has baptized a believer.

We believe that feet washing is a joint ceremony with communion to be held once a year at the time of Passover that signifies our fellowship and unity with Christ and other believers. (JHN 13:1-15)

We believe that Communion- An instituted symbolic ceremony illustrated by Christ memorializing the trial, crucifixion and burial of Christ until He comes again. (I COR 11:23-33; MK 14:12-26; MT 26:17-30; JHN 13:1-17:26; LK 22:1-2

We believe that there is a God ordained administration in His church body. The administration is as follows:




d)Pastors (Bishops, Deacons)

e)Teachers(Elders, Mothers, Bishops, Deacons)

God established this administration for the purpose of building up the body of Christ, preparing it for the work of the ministry and maintaining proper church body function and growth in the love of Christ. (EPH 4:11-15; I COR 12)

We believe that through giving, the Church of God and His Kingdom is establishing God's covenant as promised by the ratifying blood of Jesus Christ the Son of God. (DUET 8:18; LK 6:38; ACTS 2:44-47, 4:34; II COR 8:10-15, 9:6-12)

We believe that Sin is the corrupting and destructive force in the heart of every man, subjecting all to the demonic power and influence through the disobedience of God's will which condemns all mankind to Hell eternally. (ROM 5:20-7:25; JHN 3:18, 36; EPH 2:1-3; I JHN 3:4-10)

We believe that The Baptism of the Holy Spirit (Anointing) or Ghost is evidence by the speaking of unknown or heavenly tongues (languages) and the other manifestations of the Spirit. (ACTS 2:1-11, 10:1-48; I COR 14:1-33)

No one member is required to share or hold these beliefs as an requirement of membership

If you wish to support us as we attempt to unite the body and defend the Church,  please contribute any amount

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