Friday, August 3, 2012

Who is Rev C R Sanchez?

A believer in Christ, who has walked in "The Way" for some 30 plus years. A man of God that the Lord has raised up to provide hope and knowledge to believers and non-believers about the Christian faith. A teacher of the Bible that is not afraid to confront the dificult issues surrounding the faith with sound biblical explainations. A newly ordained Reverend, a former member of Living waters Missionary Baptist Church of Camden NJ and a current member of Green Grove Baptist Church of Berlin, NJ.  A man of God seeking to build a education ministry or build up the church ministry, by the grace of God and for the Glory of God, through teaching, preaching and encouraging the believers. For this purpose he founded the online Ministry named Berean Bible Fellowship of NJ.   Berean Bible Fellowship of NJ is a network of believers in Christ from laymen to Bishops in that  discuss the issues of the day so that they may be addressed and the church be edified.  He is also available for speaking engagments in the southern NJ area. Prepared to be blessed. You can reach him via email:
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