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What the Bible says about Divorce and Remarriage?

What the Bible says about Divorce and Remarriage:

It has become necessary to educate those who believe that divorce is a sinful act. They do this without seeking God and His word for answers about what to do about it first. The word of God is the final authority  and I believe the this revelation  in the lives of those who believe will find this teaching is anointed and liberating. For those who are seeking the answer to this issue  the following biblical information on the concept of Divorce and Remarriage will be helpful. The Bible encourages all to study to show ourselves approved. So just don't take my word for it. Read and study for yourselves.

For those who do not understand Divorce is not sin. If Divorce was sin that places everyone who is divorce in sin or in a sinful status. That is not what Jesus said. Jesus said,"Whosoever shall put away his wife, except it be for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery: and whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery."  (Mathew 19:9) Now the escape clause is, "..except for fornication..." for those believers studying this issue. For those who do not know what  fornication is, it is having sexual relations without being married to the person you are performing sex with. If this kind of  sexual infidelity be found in the marriage then according to the bible divorce is permissible.

Now clearly Jesus wanted to make sure that this divorce and remarriage for anything that was pervasive in his day was stopped. So he placed a warning clause that whosoever marries a divorced person commits adultery. The question is when was that clause stated before the escape clause or after? It appears after. Which means that this too is non applicable to the righteous divorced person who has found infidelity in his former marriage. So it is just the one who has been discovered unfaithful in the former marriage cannot be married again, but the one who is faithful in the former marriage is free and can marry again.

Consider also this: if divorce was sin then why did God commit sin (Jeremiah 3:8) where He divorced Israel? No obviously God did not sin in divorcing Israel, he divorced Israel because he found Israel constantly playing the harlot with other Gods.  In other words he found infidelity in his relationship with Israel. We say, as believers that the bible stipulates that God never changes and Jesus is the same yesterday, today and for ever and he is righteous. If that be true, then divorce is not sin but a corrective action. A remedy to make sure that godly people marry godly people. Because godly people are human and get blinded by the same fleshy infatuations that blind unsaved people. Godly people can make judgement errors. Horrific ones. Divorce was a remedy, and is an remedy to a unwanted marriage condition.

Now Divorced people who have been faithful to God and has dissolved the marital union are free to remarry again. They are not bound to live celibate lives for the rest of their lives. Again in Mathew 19:12 Jesus addresses this issue by talking about becoming an eunuch. For those who do not know an eunuch is, an eunuch is a person who has his reproductive organs removed. Jesus states that some have made themselves eunuchs, this does not necessarily mean that they have had their reproductive organs removed, what it  means is that they have decided to remain single for the rest of the natural lives and have committed the rest of lives to be in service to God. This condition of celibacy is not mandatory but it is only given to those who can accept it. This makes celibacy optional for the righteous divorced person. Most righteous divorce people can not receive it. That is fine because it is only required of those who can receive it.

Now does God allow remarriage of a divorce Person? Yes He does (Deuteronomy 24:1-3; Leviticus 21:14; Romans 7:1-3; 1 Corinthians 7:13-16) A Divorced person and a person who is a Widow has similar qualities in that they both have suffered the lost of a loved one. Divorced people go through a lot of grief more than a widow does. What the divorced person has to contend with that is different from the widow is that they may see that person again in their lifetime and old contentions or old Romanticisms may arise only to be frustrated by the ex mate. The Widow does have that problem because all that person has is the memory of  his former mate. Now remarriage does not not heal these feelings and only constant prayer, and intercession for the ex spouse can lead to such a thing. What remarriage does for the saved divorced person is provide the needed companionship which now they see the value of. That being said it is God's perfect will is that a divorced person be reconciled to his or her former spouse. If that is possible the righteous divorced person and the ex-mate should seek reconciliation. However, sometimes that is not what God wants for the righteous divorced person, because reuniting with the former spouse may lead to the same problems that caused the marriage to dissolve in the first place. What divorced people need to know that if reuniting with the former spouse is not possible can they marry someone else? The answer is Yes they can, but they have only one attempt in doing this. If they get divorced by their next spouse they are committed to mandatory celibacy for the rest of their lives. That is what is stipulated in Deuteronomy 24:1-3.

Now who can a righteous divorce person marry? A divorce person can not marry a virgin, that is forbidden by the Law of God. A righteous divorce person can only marry another divorced person who was not found unfaithful in their former marriage. A righteous divorce person can marry a widow, there is no commandment against that, I checked that out in the bible.  Where there is no law, there is no transgression. Where there is no transgression, there is no evidence of sin.  The next possible candidate category may be controversial but I believe that a righteous divorced person can marry an unwed christian mother. Why? Because an unwed christian mother has in a sense joined herself with another but for some reason she is not with him. So an unwed christian mother is like a divorced righteous woman with children. Some unwed christian mothers are mothers before they expect to be through their lack of self control and judgment and know that they cannot be married as a virgin christian bride. Others became Christian after they became mothers, because they know they need help in the raising of the child. The place they come to is the Church. Some of these unwed mothers think they can not be married at all, because they feel that even though God forgives them for what they have done, they have disqualified themselves from being a perfect wife to a quality Christian male. That in my opinion is not true. If God has enough forgiveness for the unwed christian mothers error in judgement, then God also has enough grace to perfect those things that imperfect them. Nevertheless, in my opinion, the unwed mother falls in the category of non-virgin candidates for marriage of a divorced person.

I humbly submit therefore that the Church is missing a whole segment of the population that believe in Christ but believe that they can not be remarried that needs to be ministered to.  The demographics of the church congregation have changed,  there are more divorced people in our christian communities than we have married people in our churches. This article is an attempt to minister to those who have been divorced in a Christian union and was not the one  that was unfaithful in that union. It is my prayer that this article has blessed you.
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