Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Principles of Recovery 5a: Profiles of Recovery

The following is some biblical profiles of recovery, where certain biblical characters suffered social and economic loss, but through faith they recovered.

Joseph son of Israel

Due to the jealousy of his brothers, was thrown into a pit, then sold into slavery.  During his servitude in Egypt, he was falsely accused and thrown into jail.  He recovered from his social and economic loss because of his unwavering faith in God's plan for his life.  God gave him the ability to interpret dreams and he used that talent to free himself from jail.  He interpreted the dream of a butler of the Pharaoh of Egypt who was in the same jail cell with Him.  Whom he told that the Butler will be restored to his post.  He asked the butler to remember him, but the butler did not remember him until the Pharaoh of Egypt had a nightmare and the wise men of Egypt could not interpret it.  It was then the Butler told Pharaoh about Joseph and how he correctly interpreted his dream.  Out of desperation the Pharaoh of Egypt summoned for Joseph.  When Joseph heard what the Pharaoh dreamed, he interpreted that Egypt will enjoy 7 years of plenty followed by 7 years of lack and the years of lack will make the years of plenty look like nothing.  Pharaoh the asked Joseph what he should do.  Joseph advised Pharaoh to store up and ration out in the years of plenty and continue to ration out food in the years of lack.  Pharaoh was so impressed with his wisdom that he made Joseph second in command to himself over all Egypt.  To oversee the storing and the distribution of the all the food in Egypt.  Joseph went from being alienated from his family to the Secretary of State of all of Egypt.  Joseph used his talent and unwavering faith in God to accomplish this recovery.  It may not been what he thought it would be, but all things work for his good because he was called to save not only the nation of Egypt from famine, but also the family of Israel. (Genesis 37:5-39, chapters 39,40 and 41:1-45)

Job of the land of Uz

Due to no cause of his own, he suffered economic and social loss.  He lost property, his home and his family. On top of that he was afflicted with a severe skin disease. During his suffering, he sat on a dung heap while his so called neighbors and friends tried to figure out why Job suffered so.  They gave him no encouragement whatsoever.  Job justified himself before his friends and he did not give up on his faith.  Now the one thing he did do was to not justify God for allowing him to suffer when he did nothing wrong.  It was until God himself spoke to Job and corrected him, God was testing him and had the right to do so.  When Job received the revelation from God about his own misunderstanding about God and repented from it. God rewarded Job with twice the wealth he had before he suffered. (the book of Job)

David the son of Jesse

Before he became King of Israel, during one of his patrols along the Philistine and Amalakite border.  The Amalakites came and raided his camp,  took his men wives and his wives captive as well as their property.  When David and his men returned to camp and found it burnt to the ground and everything gone, his men started to speak against David.  David was deeply discouraged.  What did David do?  He did not give up on his faith in God, he encouraged himself and turned to the Lord for guidance and direction.  The Lord instructed him to pursue, overtake and recover all.  That is what David did, he and his men followed after the Amalakites, overtook them and recovered all that was taken from the camp. (1 Samuel 30:1-19)

The one thing theme that runs through all these profiles is the fact that not one of them gave up on their faith in God.  So having faith in God is critical to your recovery.
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