Friday, October 26, 2012

Where is the Berean Bible Fellowship of NJ?

It has come to my attention that many people have come around looking for the BBFONJ in Clementon, NJ.     When they do not find the place in Clementon, they believe that it is a scam.  The BBFONJ  in Clementon NJ is right now a Online only Ministry.  I am seeking a place to base the ministry's  operation in the Southern Camden County Area, which covers a host of townships and boroughs.

Why haven't the BBFONJ found a place yet?  No financial support is one of the biggest reasons.  It takes money to build a Ministry and even though many people have enjoyed the teachings I have put forth through on the BBFONJ blog page: The Herald of Grace,  many people have not financially supported the ministry.  This is like ordering food at a restuarant, comsuming the meal and then not paying the bill, which no good and paying  person would do.  Many of us would pay before we eat anything that we ordered.  But when it comes to Bible teaching or preaching and  the responsibility of supporting the ministry, most of the time it is laid upon the shoulder of the Man of God that has blessed you with the teaching or message to raise financial support. Now we all know that is not right and it is the cause why many ministries do not succeed. If this Ministry has been a blessing to you in any degree, then you ought give it some financial support.

Another reason BBFONJ has not found a place yet is that the Lord hasn't open those doors yet.  BBFONJ  I agree that the BBFONJ has a long way to go in becoming an Educational Enrichment Center for the Christian Community.  But the opportunities are out there ready to be taken advantage of.  However, I will not, as its founder take chances that will doom the ministry financially, so I work toward the goal of wisely setting up what we see is a need in the South Jersey Area.

If you have any suggestions about the direction of BBFONJ as far as establishing a location so that people can come together and fellowship in the word of God feel free to email me at

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