Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Don't Abort the Process!

Every thing that God does, he does it through a process.
So whatever the process that God has you going through don't abort the process just because you don't see an immediate result.

The problem with our culture is that when we perceive that some thing or some one is no good to us or for us we throw those things and yes even people away. However, God specializes in renewing and reviving things and people.

People are unique because they have their own will, so it is up to them to submit to the process that God has designed for them to go through.

As the saying goes: If God never intended for you to obtain your goals then He would not have supplied the test.

For example; Ever prayed for more patience? What did you receive instead of patience being infused into your personna? You recieved tests, one after another that excercised your patience.

If you believe that God wanted you to have something, He supplies the tests to see if you have enough faith and determination to get it. Or will you allow yourself to be bound to the excuses of this and that and never pass the tests He supplies.

Will you abort the process? Of Salvation? Of recieving the Kingdom of God? Of the abundant life promised by Christ? Of having all your need supplied by His riches in Glory? Of obtaining all that you inherited by the Death of Christ?

Whatever process you decide to abort, that process stops. The good news is that you can resume any of the processes, if you understand that it is not your will that has to be accomplished, it is His will that will be accomplished.
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